18th Jan2013

DVD Review: Believe: Seeing is Believing

by rockchicago


From the moment this Seeing is Believing started, I liked what I saw. Karol Wroblewski came walking out onstage with a megaphone in hand, with his voice echoing through the theatre. I never had heard Believe before seeing this DVD. I also did not know the band was from Poland.

The first song “No Time Inside” reminded me an 80′s Genesis song. Especially with the effects on his voice. The second song “World is Round Part 2,” violinist Siromi shined through, and you can start to hear the Polish accent with Karol. I’m not sure how old Karol is, but he sure looks young and looks a little bit like actor Jerry O’Connell.

The next song, “This Bread Is Mine,” Karol surprised me by pulling an Ian Anderson by pulling out his flute. Great song, great vocals. I’m not sure who I can categorize this band with sound-wise. They have their own unique style. Starting with the brooding sound of violin from Siromi, “And All the Road” sounded like a Pink Floyd-ish style song then sounded like a Jethro Tull songs with Karol pulling out the flute again.

With Karol dancing around the stage, “What They Want (Is My Life)” is a fantastic fun song. Especially with the mix of the keyboards, the violin and guitar, it sounded like a mini-orchestra. With the lasers shining from the stage, “Lay Down Forever” sounded very repetitive until the guitar shines through. “AA” reminded me a lot of Porcupine Tree, opening up with just acoustic guitar and acoustic piano. This is probably one of my favorites on the DVD.

“Guru” was a bit bland. The only good part of the song was the Doors-y blend with the organ and drums. “New Hands” is a nice relaxing song that was really beautiful. You can tell with everysong on this DVD, Karol puts a lot of emotion into their lyrics.

“Cut Me Paste Me” reminded me a lot of In Absentia-era Porcupine Tree mixed with Pain of Salvation. Nice hard rock phone, especially with the cool megaphone effect. “Poor Kin of Sun/Return” started out with a pounding drum solo. With a middle-eastern feel, this song reminded me a little of Pain of Salvation mixed with Alice in Chains. The last song, “Silence,” sounded a lot like a Marillion song.

Overall, Believe is a great progressive rock band from Poland with their own unique sound. This DVD Seeing is Believing, truly shows off their mastery in concert and prove what a good show they put on. I just heard they will be playing the U.S. Come Fall of 2013. Check out more info about them here: http://www.believe.com.pl

Reviewed by Kevin Pollack

Rating: 5/5

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