18th Jan2013

DVD Review: Osada Vida: Where The Devils Live

by rockchicago


The band Osada Vida from Poland has a very interesting sound to them. I just got their new DVD Where the Devils Live, and I must say, I found something really funny. After watching and reviewing Believe’s live DVD Seeing is Believing, I noticed they were both recorded on the same exact stage with the same exact lighting setup.

Osasa Vida are a little harder rock than Believe. They remind me of a mix between Porcupine Tree and Riverside (also from Poland). Consisting of members Lukasz Lisiak on bass and vocals, Rafal Paluszek on keyboards, Bartlomiej Bereska on guitars and Adam Podzimski on drums, the band prove that they do this for a living and how well they blend together.

The concert started with the instrumental “Remember Your Name,” where each band member got to show off their instrument. The next song “Hard-Boiled Wonderland” featured Rafal with some nice keyboard solos throughout. It also featured Lukasz’s vocals. I do have to say that he’s not the best singer, and he has a really heavy accent when he’s singing. It seemed like he was very off-key for this song.

The rest of the concert seemed very bland, and they didn’t look energetic on stage at all. I felt they just filmed this DVD because they were paid to do so. I would definitely not see this band live. The singer just really irritates me, and I don’t know if I would be able to put up with him for a whole concert.

There were a couple other songs on the DVD that were ok which were “Bone (My Name is Bone, the Single Bone,” a very atmospheric song and “Is That Devil From Spain Too?,” a very latin jazz meets middle-eastern song.

Overall, I would not recommend this DVD because A) It’s just plain boring, B) The singer’s terrible and C) The music is very repetitive and bland.

Reviewed by Kevin Pollack

Rating: 1/5

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