22nd Mar2012
NM_09RICHARDSplay 11


Ann: an Affectionate Portrait of Ann Richards opened last evening at the Bank of America Theater in a brilliant burst of theatrical fireworks. The shows advertising broad...

22nd Mar2012

Christmas in October? Who says so? “White Christmas” Does

Ahh, the famous lyrics from everyone’s favorite beloved Christmas song, “I’m dreaming of a White Christmas.” That’s the first thing I thought of when I went to...

22nd Mar2012

“Mary Poppins” Doesn’t Soar

She does fly, up, up, away and out over the audience to the upper balcony reaches of the Cadillac Palace theatre to delighted oohs and ahh’s of...

22nd Mar2012

“Wishful Drinking” – A Tabloid Life

Ah, the guilty pleasures; reading the National Enquirer while in line at the super market check-out counter, or hearing some juicy gossip about your friends, better yet,...

22nd Mar2012
CTH ClybournePark-1.jpg

“Clybourne Park” – Sanctimony Unmasked

“Clybourne Park”, now playing at Steppenwolf through November 6th, is the fictitious “white” neighborhood in Chicago that the “black” Younger family was moving to at the end...

22nd Mar2012
love loss and what i wore

“Love, Loss and What I Wore” at The Broadway Playhouse

For the record, I am a man. I tell you this because last evening I saw the Broadway in Chicago premier production of Nora and Delia Ephron’s...

22nd Mar2012

“The Kid Thing”, A Thought Provoking Adult Drama

If you make your theatrical choices by reading plot synopsis’s or media press releases you might be inclined to take a pass on “The Kid Thing” a...

22nd Mar2012
for the boys

“For the Boys”…Bomb’s away

War time has served as the libretto setting for many memorable musicals; “South Pacific”, “The Sound of Music” and more recently “Miss Saigon”. “For the Boys” which...

22nd Mar2012

Lisa Lampanelli Insults Hammond Crowd; Yet Still Earns Their Continuous Laughs….

For those who are unfamiliar with Lisa Lampanelli, she is a professional ‘insult comedian.’  If you are unfamiliar with this MO, check out her website: http://www.insultcomic.com/.   She...

22nd Mar2012

A Western-Filled Hoedown: Elgin Symphony Orchestra Plays The Westerns

It was another enjoyable evening at the orchestra. This time, it was the Elgin Symphony Orchestra playing The Music of Westerns. Now, personally, I like westerns, but...