30th Apr2012

Interview with Verdine White from Earth, Wind & Fire

Interviewed by Kevin Pollack      Q: How did growing up in Chicago help you as a musician? Verdine: Without question, being from Chicago, one of the...

30th Apr2012

The Little River Band Live at Viper Alley

  The Little River Band blossomed in the late ‘70s and early ‘80s with its originality, its catchy ballads, and great vocals. This hit making band included...

30th Apr2012

The Trans-Siberian Orchestra Rocks The Venue

  The Venue on Sunday hosted The Trans-Siberian Orchestra for a story about Ludwig Von Beethoven’s last night.  The story that is brought about in the show,...

27th Apr2012
Ralphie May_head

Interview with Comedian Ralphie May from Last Comic Standing

Interviewed by Kevin Pollack   Q: How did you get into comedy? Ralphie: I was just a big fan of it when I was a kid, and...

27th Apr2012

I Know A Place We Can Go: The Cribs, Live at Schubas, with The Hounds Below

  Yesterday turned out to be a marathon.  It started waking up late for a beverage meeting for the place I work in Logan Square, so I...

25th Apr2012

Elgin Symphony Orchestra Recreates the Magical Music of Disney

  It was a night at the symphony yet again, but this time to see Magical Music of Disney. We I first got there, there were a...

25th Apr2012

American English Rocks Viper Alley

  Friday the 13th was a lucky, not unlucky night at Viper Alley, where American English brought the fans all the way through Beatles music history.  Playing...

25th Apr2012

Interview with Ted Nugent

Interviewed by Kevin Pollack    Q:  Why did you decide to tour with Styx and REO Speedwagon? Nugent: It’s what I do every summer, and to perform...

23rd Apr2012
rob evan

Interview with Rob Evan (singer from Trans-Siberian Orchestra)

Interviewed by Kevin Pollack    Q: How did you first get involved with the Trans-Siberian Orchestra? Evan: I was brought to TSO founder Paul O’Neill’s attention in...

19th Apr2012

Interview with Jon Anderson from Yes

Interviewed by Kevin Pollack    Q: How did you get into music? Did you come from a musical family? Anderson: Well, my brother and myself used to...